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About Anonymous Jewellery

You're probably expecting a long professional-sounding paragraph about this company, but this probably will be the least of that. I am just an ordinary 30-year old that had no idea what I wanted to do with my life after graduating university. All I knew was that I had a passion for costume jewellery and subscription boxes! I started this jewellery subscription company to give women a way to always stay on top of the trends, no matter how busy they are, and more ways to accessorise and express their individual style without breaking the bank, compromising on quality, variety and options. 
With the ups and downs of starting a subscription company and still growing it all with my team, we learn something new every day. We strive for perfection, take your comments, questions and inputs seriously and really do our best to work on everything and to just make everyone happy and feel beautiful in our jewellery products. I hope you like Anonymous Jewellery subscription boxes and maybe get some for your friends, family, or the best - yourself! ♡
 I hope that one day I can inspire and help you start your own business, or any dreams you have because anything is possible and it may be the next big thing! :)



The founder of Anonymous Jewellery