About Anonymous Jewellery

Our jewellery collection is inspired by the beauty in simplicity that we find in everyday objects and nature.

With the ups and downs of starting a subscription company and still growing it all with my team, we learn something new every day. We strive for perfection, take your comments, questions and inputs seriously and really do our best to work on everything and to just make everyone happy and feel beautiful in our jewellery products. 

We like to think we’re forward thinking, a bit hopeless romantic and lovers of life who tend to draw creativity from random moments that feel like magic. We carefully select jewellery pieces that embody our three core values: simplicity, affordability, and individuality.

Our mission is to continually inspire your personal style with our simple, modern pieces that you can share your everyday moments in. We hope you like Anonymous Jewellery subscription boxes and maybe get some for your friends, family, or the best - yourself!




The founder of Anonymous Jewellery


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